Sorority China provides safe and affordable co-living and co-working spaces for young professional women across China. We are founded on the principal of mutual helpfulness between women. The sisterhood community is committed to bringing positive energy and a deep appreciation for each unique member. We seek to live a healthy lifestyle, promote self-development, and create a true nurturing network of sisters in a country full of single children.
Girl Talk with Michelle Li, CEO of Sorority China, a Coworking Space for Women
By Sarah Boorboor, COMMUNITY SmartShanghai, SEP 14, 2017 There’s a magical place right here in Shanghai, a quiet, serene spot with several floral arrangements and even more shades of pink.
Sorority China is home to smart, beautiful, and independent women living and working in China and the US, with existing and planned projects in various China and US metropolitan areas. Our women are the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the extraordinary women with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground.





    Our sisters are real, fun-loving, young women, who strive for better professional and lifestyle development opportunities. Many of them have overseas experiences, and now choose to live and work in the bustling big cities of China.

    LULU, 26
    IT Consultant

    “Sometimes it gets lonely living in a big city. Sorority China is my home away from home where I can meet cool women to explore fun life experiences together. The security and comfort that Sorority China provides is especially important to me.”

    Isa, 29
    Fashion Retail

    “When I came back to China from the U.S., I experienced a lot of pressure from my family on what I should do or what type of women I should be. The truth is I don’t know what I want, I want to have an important and happy life but I’m still developing. Sorority China has helped me find similar women who are like me, with similar values and perspective. Together my sisters and I help support each other during difficult times.”