Experience. Growth. Sisterhood.

Sorority China provides safe and affordable co-living and co-working spaces for young professional women across China. We are founded on the principal of mutual helpfulness between women. The sisterhood community is committed to bringing positive energy and a deep appreciation for each unique member. We seek to live a healthy lifestyle, promote self-development, and create a true nurturing network of sisters in a country full of single children.

Independence, career and experiences in a big city is full of life lessons and memories that will shape a young woman’s life. Upon selecting to join Sorority China our sisters will share in the journey together along with other like-minded women gaining broadened access to lifestyle and career resources including wellness, training, mentorship, and international travel.

Our objective is simple, we want to foster a deep friendship amongst talented women; to be a platform for them to develop their own educational and cultural experiences, and create a true sense of self, community, and social responsibility. A year ago we started our social enterprise on the basic need for safe and secure housing for women. Tomorrow we are committed to constantly developing our business along with our amazing sisters.

Founding Sisters

Michelle Li

Michelle Li is the Founder and CEO of Sorority China. Born in Beijing, China and transplanted to the opposite end of the world to Eugene, Oregon, at a young age she experienced the diverse and polar opposite lifestyles of the East and West. After graduating with honors from University of Washington, where she was a member of a sorority, Michelle returned back to China and began her career at Mercedes-Benz China responsible for national wide training and customer satisfaction programs. Later on, Michelle was the Head of China for U.K. based CEO development firm where she co-authored business leadership book based on candid interviews with over 150 of the top Chinese CEOs. In her late role she was the operating partner for Chinese capital responsible for overseas investment in fashion, retail, and consumer wearable early stage and M&A deals.

Ten years later in corporate life, Michelle blew out the candles on her 30th birthday cake and began the most exhilarating phase of her life. Entrepreneurship in China has brought her more wrinkles, sleepless nights then imagined, and finding the right people, partners and projects have been more of an ongoing marathon then simply business. However, her belief in the support and freedom a young woman should have while working and living in China has been her driving passion for Sorority China.

Michelle has also been recognized for her efforts by Google for Entrepreneurs selected amongst leading global female entrepreneurs to attend Blackbox accelerator program in Silicon Valley. As well as receiving the “Female Enterprise Social Impact” award from Global Times Media and She Power Organization, and an unprecedented double award for “Innovator of the Year” and “Young Business Leader” from the International Professional Women’s Society earlier this year.

Marianna Yu

Marianna is the Co-Founder and CMO of Sorority China. She is an accomplished television anchor, best-selling author, director and producer. Earlier in her career, Marianna was a leading member of China Business News sitting across media content for political, economic and business entrepreneurial programs. A graduate of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Marianna is a firm believer of Charlie Monger’s philosophy “to get what you want, deserve what you want.” Since 2015, Marianna has produced two online talk shows featuring interviews with over 100 entrepreneurs as well as arts & lifestyle content; in addition, she has published her own memoir on women in digital media.

Marianna is a sought after ‘Personal IP’ expert mentoring business and individuals on creating brand and digital media presence. She represents a new age of Chinese entrepreneurial woman, and believes in the importance of independence, confidence, and selflessness. When Michelle and Marianna met in a summer garden amongst friends, the two instantly shared a sisterhood bond and complementary skills to take Sorority China to the next level.

Special Advisors

Elaine Chang

Vice President, Amazon & President, Amazon China

Elaine is responsible for the strategy, business development and overall management of Amazon’s e-commerce and Kindle business in China. Prior to Amazon, Elaine worked for Intel for nearly 20 years, holding several management positions in the U.S., Asia Pacific and China, including General Manager of China Strategy Office, Marketing and Channel Group, and Director of Brand and Advertising. Elaine has a long-term commitment to fostering women leadership in the work place and special interest in marketplace start-ups in China.

Adam Brandenburger

Global Network Professor, New York University

Adam is a professor at New York University, where he holds professorships at the business and engineering schools in New York and, as an NYU Global Network Professor, directs the Program on Creativity + Innovation at NYU Shanghai. Before joining NYU, Adam was a professor at Harvard Business School for fifteen years. His best-selling business book, Co-opetition, introduced the concept of competition combined with cooperation into business strategy. Adam is an angel investor in the New York startup world. He is proud to be an advisor to Sorority China, and to be able to help this community of extraordinary women on their paths to building unique, successful, and meaningful lives.

Ed Hotard

Former Chairman, Monitor Group (China)

A seasoned business leader, Ed currently sits on the Board of Directors for multiple U.S. and Chinese listed corporations. He has extensive China and global experience and is a partner in a venture capital firm and an advisor to a large global private equity fund. He continues to believe in the value of a diverse organization and in providing the pathway and support for women to achieve their goals.

Daisy Qiu

Founder & CEO, Ruiwen Group

Ruiwen is China’s most influential platform for women in the workplace. Daisy is also the founder and Chairman of “She Power Organization,” and has personally mentored 3,000 professional women in her seasoned career. She is also a partner of Talent Lead head hunting and consulting agency. Daisy is a graduate of University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business EMBA program.

Zhou Wei

Founder & CEO, Xnode Innovation Space

XNode is founded to become the center of innovation in China. Wei has been sitting on board of EO (Entrepreneur Organization) Shanghai Chapter from 2011-2015 and has extensive connections with China’s Entrepreneur community. Earlier, Wei was founder of Belgravia Serviced Residence & Hotels before successfully exiting. He also served as the Managing Director of Vision Capital an European Private Equity fund, and was the founding venture partner of Jade Invest, a leading FOF fund in China. Wei received his MSc in Economics & Information System Management from London School of Economics.

Connie Li

CEO, Dunhuang Wealth

Connie is a seasoned Real Estate, Investment and Venture Capital CEO. She is experienced in building real estate funds, and leading early stage investment into many successful projects in China. She is a member of the Top 100 Real Estate Fund Managers group and Guangdong Angel Investors network. Connie holds a Masters in Business degree, and is a graduate of the Cheung Kong Business School CEO program.