5 Reasons To Check Out This Female Co-working Space

First female only co-working space in China opens

Co-working spaces are making huge milestones in China, especially in Shanghai, developing collaborative offices with better technology at rapid speed for all who are willing to buy in. These spaces are available in all shapes, sizes and locations, but none are as unique as the country’s first female-only co-working space, Sorority China, founded by Beijing native Michelle Li.

Here are five reasons to go check it out:

1.    You’re an independent Woman with High Standards

Gaining entry into this sorority requires passing a mutually selective screening process. If you’re anything but a strong, independent female, you’ll be refused. Additionally, women commendably recommended or involved in female communities are preferred. The aim is to create a network of women who fall under the Type A of personality types—ambitious, driven, outgoing and highly organized, in short, workaholics.Women who want to be in this work space will identify with these traits and join up with a sisterhood of like-mindedness and Li believes that the future will be female with women better represented in the sectors they excel in, and this platform is all about cultivating and facilitating this perspective.

2.    You Enjoy the Company of Others When You Work

Sorority China has a membership-only policy and a hot-desk arrangement, allowing you to work anywhere. There aren’t any private offices—it’s an intimate space of 20 hot seats and a maximum capacity of 100 members. Stepping away from virtual WeChat groups, member interaction is encouraged through various activities such as weekly social nights, community events and eight to ten workshops each month with the aim of creating a forum in which women can safely discuss any business issue—it’s networking simplified. The sorority does a hot desk membership for RMB1,288 per month, paid annually excluding tax.

3.    You Have or Are Thinking of Running Your Own Business

Li aims to create an entrepreneurial environment, reflected in workshop topics that review leadership and negotiation. Each month, three to four He-for-She days take place in which successful business men join the discussion and tackle sensitive issues on female led start-ups. Comparatively, women receive far less investment and support than men in business and this is a conversation that this organization intends to bring to the forefront.

4.    You Believe in Challenging the Status Quo

Even today, the belief in China is that women should marry by 25, a concept Sorority China aims to challenge. When Li returned to China from the US, she received pressure from her grandparents to settle down—a huge contrast from US culture. This personal experience is one of her reasons to establish a forum that enables young women to break from such gender-related stereotypes in life and business. Such preconceived beliefs are reflected in the lack of female managers and an unwillingness of investors to invest in female start-ups and Sorority China aims to balance the scales.

5.    You Believe in Sisterhood

Although you may not have an actual sister, which Li points out is a reality for many young women in China, joining the sorority will make you feel as though you do. The sisterhood aims to re-create a family environment for females, which they might not have had growing up. The main focus is to get women to collaborate with each other rather than compete and this is achieved through the mentoring system of “little” and “big” sisters, much like how American sororities function. The sisterhood gives women an outlet in a group, and is there to provide professional and personal support.


What: Sorority China

Address: 5/F, 129 Yan’an Xi Lu (near Wulumuqi Bei Lu) 延安西路129号5楼 (近乌鲁木齐北路)

Wechat: sororitychina

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